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This isn’t Scary

20 May

…but it is what it’s like inside my apartment. Here, a typical exchange between my roommates, who have had an open relationship for 10 years and are basically common law married.

J Rad [watching, but not doing, a stretching video in the living room]: “Did I tell you that [friend] said she was going to that party on Friday?

Wiggy Moondust [named for her combined love of wigs and David Bowie]: “She told ME that.”

J Rad: “Well, I was there.”

Wiggy Stardust: “She was talking to me”

J Rad: “Well, I saw down her shirt.”

Wiggy Spacedust: “So did the entirety of Bedford Avenue.”

J Rad: “Yeah, but I’m taller.”


Wiggy Starlust: Are you still watching that stretching video?

J Rad: “Watching is such a strong word. Let’s say I’m contemplating it.”

And here, an example of a photo J Rad took to show his love for Wiggy Sunnuts’s backside. May we all one day find such love.


In Russia, Sun Revolves Around YOU!

11 Feb

Copernicus: Rolling in his grave since 2011.

According to a recent survey from the Russian Center of Public Opinion Research, a third of Russians believes that the sun revolves around the earth!  That’s almost as scary as the number of Americans who don’t believe in evolution. Or the number of people who believe that the island of New Zealand was created by a benevolent asparagus with Mickey Mouse hands and a bumper sticker-covered RV (Oh … Is that just me?).

Who the hell does science have to blow to get some respect in this office planet?